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Microsoft Visual Basic Service Pack 6 Version 6.0 Latest 2017

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Microsoft Visual Basic Latest 2017

Microsoft Visual Basic is a unique computer language—at least it was when it first came out. Now there are many imitators. VB allows you to quickly and easily develop a bank of visual controls with sliders, switches and meters or a complex form for a user to fill out. Microsoft Visual BasicInstalling Visual Basic 6.0 on later version of Windows is getting harder due to its outdated installation method especially . 

We could keep an old XP machine around just for VB6, or set up a virtual instance of XP, or go for either of those options with Windows 7 (VB6 installed on Win7, though not perfectly). Instead of going those routes, though, I decided to look into getting VB6 properly installed on Windows 10. These notes should work for the Pro and Enterprise editions of both Visual Basic 6 and Visual Studio 6.Microsoft Visual BasicVISUAL BASIC is a high-level programming language that evolved from the earlier DOS version called BASIC. BASIC means Beginners’ All-purpose Symbolic Instruction CodeVISUAL BASIC is a VISUAL Programming Language because programming is done in a graphical environment. In VB6 , you just need to drag and drop any graphical object anywhere on the form and click on the object to enter the code window and start programming.Microsoft Visual Basic


  • Download the latest pack of updates or Service Pack for Visual Basic 6.
  • Start making the most of the new features and characteristics, solve possible errors and bugs in the software and make Visual Basic 6 a stable and efficient program.
  • Create a 0-byte file in the C:\Windows directory called msjava.dll.
  • Don’t just install via the Autorun executable; instead browse the Visual Studio 6 CD (or folder), right-click Setup.exe and select Run As Administrator.
  • On any Program Compatibility Assistant warnings, click Run Program.
  • Step through the setup screens until you’re able to choose Custom Setup, then click next.
  • On the setup options, install the following items and nothing else:
    1. Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
    2. ActiveX
    3. acess
    4. hamrmful
    5. programming

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